Facing Fertility

We provide a place for people going through infertility to find that they are not alone.

We welcome women and couples who have experienced reproductive challenges along the journey toward motherhood - because having a baby is just not as easy as it sometimes may seem.

 We want to help them to find encouragement through sharing similar experiences, exploring medical journeys, and participating in a healthy place to vent frustrations- because having a baby is just not as easy as it sometimes may seem.

With monthly primary and secondary opportunities that are in person and virtual, participants can connect with each other and a facilitator to show up as they are and meet whatever their current needs might be. We also offer occasional opportunities for couples to participate in these conversations and maintain support for those expecting and bringing home a child.

Join us knowing that participants have a safe space to unite together to know that they are important aside from being someone’s parent. 

"I started coming to the group one year into my infertility journey. I was struggling with deep sadness and seeking a place to feel seen and able to relate to other women going through the same thing. It has been immensely helpful to share my story in the group and receive encouragement from the other women there. It has also been equally therapeutic to hear other women's stories, provide support to them, and be inspired by their strength and wisdom. Infertility can be so isolating. I am so thankful to have this group to help me feel less alone in this journey."
Program Participant

Our Areas of Support

Monthly in person Support Group

Join us monthly in Mars, PA to find encouragement through sharing similar experiences, exploring medical journeys, and participating in a healthy place to vent frustrations.
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Couples Support Group

Join us quarterly in Mars, PA with your partner or solo to find encouragement through sharing similar experiences and talking about relationship dynamics and support systems.

Monthly Secondary Infertility Call

Join us as we come together to talk about the challenges of secondary infertility, support one another and find encouragement that no one is on this journey and facing these challenges alone.

Pregnancy and Parenting after Infertility

We welcome those who are pregnant after infertility, single parents by choice, or expecting a baby through adoption or surrogacy into our Expecting and New moms Night Group

People don’t expect this nor do they want this.  Ever.  No one does. 

 There are so many layers of pain, disappointment, awkwardness, and frustration associated with infertility that people keep it hidden from others and sometimes struggle to even admit it’s really happening to themselves.  Sharing your struggles in public can not only feel taboo, it runs the risk of hearing unfair judgment and bad advice.  HOWEVER, shouldering this burden alone, as an individual or a couple, is not good, either.  There is comfort in finding connections with those in a similar journey.  There is perhaps comfort in knowing that you are not the only one. 

I look forward to meeting you,

Alicia Leggett,

Infertility Support Program Manager

We are currently planning:

"I continue to be so thankful to this program for hosting a Secondary Infertility Support Group. When my husband and I began getting many consecutive negative pregnancy tests, I felt so alone. Our friends who we've connected with through the birth of our daughter have now had one or even two more children. I have struggled to find where I belong as a mother of one child who feels our family is not yet complete. I have found secondary infertility to be difficult because I don't feel I fit with mothers who have been successful in getting pregnant with another child or two, and I don't fit with those experiencing primary infertility because we have one healthy living daughter. So where could I share my feelings? Who will understand? I started googling groups of people to connect with so I could feel less alone. I am grateful to have found this group and have made it a priority to join any session possible. It has been a blessing for me to be able to share my feelings, grief, and fears with other women who nod along and seem to truly understand what this is like. I have also found that many of the women in attendance are a wealth of information and experience. I am grateful for their encouragement and advice. Thank you for putting this group together and spending the time to listen to our stories and walk with us."
Program Participant

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Our mission is to create connections for those on the journey to, through & beyond parenthood to increase solidarity and support during transitions and challenges.