Nurturing Community in Fertility Journeys: Ask the Experts

A Community Miniseries Collaboration

Join Connected Nest’s Facing Fertility Program and local fertility experts as we provide resources and information that aid in building connections and encouragement for those facing infertility.

Together, our community can nurture a safe space for those facing infertility on their path to parenthood. This series of four different presentations will help individuals, couples and professionals share knowledge and collaboration surrounding infertility resources.  Connect with dynamic supports and resources for multiple areas of this complex part of your path to parenthood. Ask the questions to help you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared. Tickets for attendees in infertility treatments will be ultra low cost and accessible. Collaborations and topics are further highlighted below.  

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Sponsorships provide financial support to ensure that the miniseries days and our monthly support groups are accessible. All Sponsors will be listed on our website, recognized on social media and have opportunity to have a materials at the events and the event communication. Your sponsorship is for the miniseries event and our Facing Fertility Program for one year. Please let us know if we can accommodate your sponsorship. Email our Facing Fertility Program Manager, Alicia: to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Miniseries Presentations

Clinical Experts

September 26, 2024 Explore and understand the medical processes surrounding infertility treatments and diagnoses.

Holistic Experts

November 21, 2024 Learn from local providers about the wide variety of holistic supports during infertility treatment.

Relational Health Experts

January 23, 2025 Better understand how to support and navigate relationships while experiencing infertility.

Grief and Loss Experts

March 27th, 2025 Understand how to acknowledge and navigate the grief, loss and trauma involved in your fertility journey.

Because having a baby is just not as easy as it sometimes may seem.

Connected Nest’s Facing Fertility program ensures that support is present for those experiencing the overwhelm of navigating infertility. We believe that community support can create a safe space to unite together and know that you are not alone.