A New Home for Familiar Programs

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
Mother Theresea


We are excited to announce the transition for the Empowering Moms Program and the Infertility Support Program to a new 501c3 nonprofit organization: Connected Nest. The vision and structure for this organization grew out of the ongoing success of Empowering Moms, run by Megan Shane, in serving postpartum moms and those in the early years of parenting. In addition, the growing partnership with the Infertility Support Program, run by Alicia Leggett, has shown the opportunity to provide dynamic community support. We are made to live in connectivity with each other and believe strongly that quality, mental health-oriented and trauma-informed social supports can help to build stronger communities and families.

The journey to, through and beyond parenthood can be challenging. Connected Nest will partner with community organizations and businesses to help bring the village back to those doing the hard work of raising children. Our community-based programs will focus on mental and social support for those in transitional stages related to parenting. 

Prior to inspiring the formation of Connected Nest, the Empowering Moms Program and the Infertility Support Program have operated at in Toto Community Resource Center between 2020 and 2023. We have appreciated the support of this organization to work on building our funding, capacity and reach. Both programs were created by moms who are mental health therapists, to target peer support and connection. Groups and workshops focus on fertility challenges, traumatic birth experiences, maternal mental health, parenting tools and techniques, and ongoing life transitions. We currently support over 1000 individuals during the year through our Empowering Moms program and approximately 125 through the Infertility Support Program. Providing these services without a participant burden of set costs or insurance or long-term commitment increases accessibility, decreases stigma in finding support and helps diversify community relationships.

The vision for Connected Nest is that through support with the community and past and future funders, we will grow our programming to maintain these supports, increase educational opportunities and also make space for additional support groups and programs needed during family growth stages and transitions.  

Connect with us to find community.